Dry Graphite LubricantFull Circle Industrial is proud to announce that we are an authorized representative for Zircon Industries, the manufacturer of DRY GRAPHITE LUBRICANT!  

DRY GRAPHITE initially came about as a combined effort between Zircon Industries and chemists from major railroad companies working together to develop and formulate a particular specification of dry micro-film graphite lubricant designed for railroad use.    

However, the railroad sector is not the only industry to benefit from Zircon Industries talents and efforts!  DRY GRAPHITE is recommended and used in a wide area of applications for many industrial needs.  This is a NON-GREASE and OIL-FREE lubricant containing micron-sized graphite particles which are not affected by water, oil, many chemicals, and resists attracting dust, dirt or other foreign particles.  There is NO BUILD-UP on surfaces when using DRY GRAPHITE and it provides excellent lubrication at both high and low temperature extremes.

DRY GRAPHITE is the perfect solution for reducing metal to metal friction while providing superior lubrication that withstands degradation and wear to equipment.  It is designed to be applied in thin coats which results in high lubricity and produces long lasting lubrication without the need for repeated application while leaving behind a protective layer of graphite to prevent rust and corrosion.  

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Conveyors belts, transfer belts, and rollers

  • Superior graphite content with one pass

  • Gears, chains and hoists

  • Industrial gaskets, locks and wheels

  • Fasteners, hinges, nuts, springs, switches, and couplings

  • Chain drives, cables and open gears

  • Sprockets, dryer trunnions, pinions, lathe beds and rails

  • General maintenance lubricant, thread lubricant (anti-seize)

  • All metal-to-metal components

  • Any place where reduction of friction is needed

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