Ice Breaker Green

Don’t get caught in the COLD!  Does the upcoming weather have you worried about the safety of your working environment for building grounds and walkways?   

Full Circle Industrial is proud to announce that we are an authorized representative for Zircon Industries, the manufacturer of ICE BREAKER GREENThis solution is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY product which is a liquid deicer for your building grounds, pavements, and sidewalks and is a way to safely eliminate ice and protect walking areas while being eco-conscious at the same time.  

ICE BREAKER GREEN is the perfect solution to eliminate ice for high-traffic walkways and is an eco-friendly solution to salt.  It will not damage interior or exterior surfaces like concrete, carpeting, or tile flooring.  

ICE BREAKER GREEN prevents problems before they occur when you have a proactive plan and approach in place.  It not only deices, but ICE BREAKER GREEN can prevent the build-up of ice before it happens!  Ensuring your employees and visitor safety is a priority while also protecting your building walkways and surfaces is the primary reason many companies today are excited about and choose ICE BREAKER GREEN!   

ICE BREAKER GREEN is offered in the following quantities:

  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 330 gallon totes

Prepare for the upcoming winter weather today!  Get ahead of the game and make a plan now for the coming winter weather months.  

Call us TODAY for more information and get ahead of the upcoming weather! 


  • 90% less corrosive than salts

  • Safe on outdoor and interior surfaces

  • Eco-friendly and patented corn engineered additive lowers freeze point

  • Full coverage with a liquid product, unlike spotty coverage of dry products

  • Cover 1,500 square feet with just one gallon

  • Proactively eliminates ice bonding before it occurs

  • Non-flammable and non-hazardous

  • Ready to use – no mixing required

  • Can be applied a boom sprayer for larger areas, and a backpack or handheld sprayer for walkways and steps


Very versatile! We’re looking to expand area used to include all walkways and even parking areas for employees.”
Kevin Young, Michelin North America