Don’t get caught in the COLD!  Does the upcoming weather and freezing moisture have you worried about costly time spent for successful lubrication and tool maintenance?    

Full Circle Industrial is proud to announce that we are an authorized representative for Zircon Industries, the manufacturer of X831 CHILL KILLThis product solution is a liquid pressure ANTI-FROST PNEUMATIC TOOL LUBRICANT which is made for extending the life of your pneumatic tooling, equipment and air lines by eliminating freezing moisture in your air systems.      

For over 30 years, Zircon Industries has successfully met the needs of cold weather and/or corrosive environments with their solution for continual operation and lubrication of pneumatic tooling with their trusted product X831 CHILL KILL.  

X831 CHILL KILL permanently absorbs moisture and prevents freezing of your pneumatic tools, equipment and air lines while simultaneously lubricating and extending the working life of these items.  Pneumatic tooling and equipment can become damaged and even be put out of service when freezing moisture builds up.  Other alcohol-based products can damage equipment and do not provide any type of lubrication, which is essential for optimal performance.  

X831 CHILL KILL lubricant is easily used in air line lubricators, oil reservoirs or conveniently applied with oil cans.   This product is most commonly used when freezing and icing conditions are present, however it can also be used continuously throughout the year by facilities who may experience moisture in corrosive environments which prevents the optimum operation of their equipment.    

X831 CHILL KILL is offered in the following quantities:

  • Quart – 12 quart per case
  • Gallon – 4 gallons per case
  • 5-gallon pails

Get ahead of the game and prepare for the upcoming winter weather!  X831 CHILL KILL belongs in your winter maintenance line up or year-round for corrosive environments!  

Call us TODAY for more information and get ahead of the upcoming weather! 

Why choose X831 CHILL KILL?

  • Eliminates freezing moisture in air lines and around ports & valves

  • Permanently absorbs moisture

  • Effective solution corrosive environments with moisture exposure

  • Excellent lubrication qualities

  • Won’t harm or damage equipment like other alcohol-based products

  • Improves productivity and reduces cost of downtime


Very versatile! We’re looking to expand area used to include all walkways and even parking areas for employees.”
Kevin Young, Michelin North America